Create FSAID (Federal Student Aid Identification) : This is where you create a username and password, so that you can access your loan information on the government database. Also you can retrieve your FSAID, if you already made one, but forgot it.

   Mohela - your public service loan forgiveness service provider: Mohela is the Department of Education's official administrator for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

    How to unlock your FSAID :: Your FSAID locks itself as a security measure, if you attempt to log on unsucessfully three or four times at one sitting, it will lock. The system provides 3 ways to unlock your FSAID using email, cell phone, or answers to the challenge questions.

    Regenerate your expired FSAID :: If you don't use your FSAID for awhile, it expires. To regenerate your FSAID, you will be prompted to change your password. Make sure you keep the new FSAID in your file, and send us a quick email to let us know that it has changed

    Non Profit Lookup :: See if your company is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

    Get your free reports :: Get free credit reports from all three credit bureaus. Authorized by federal law. No credit card needed, and nothing to buy. This link is provided as a courtesy to all Student Loan Advocates clients. Reports can be provided once a year, and accessing your reports will not affect your credit score.

    Get your 2022 1040 tax document :: Pull up and retrieve your previous year 1040 tax return for free.

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