Document preparation

Services include:

  • Research loan options for ALL government payment plans
  • Validate LOAN CANCELLATION eligibility  
  • Provide immediate loan payment quotes based on Dept. of Education guidelines 
  • Utilize various factors to ensure your lowest payment
  • Complete document preparation for government loan programs
  • Correct any and all paperwork errors after submission (if necessary)
  • Reverse program denials and payment discrepancies, to the best of our ability
  • Determine possible loan forgiveness options
  • Help to ensure that FORGIVENESS PAYMENTS are properly credited
  • Research default and garnishment relief options
  • Communication with loan service providers in your behalf.
  • Annual loan monitoring: options researched each year to reduce your payments, check program options and remind you of your required annual recertification
  • Provide unlimited customer service and guidance. 
  • Keep you informed of new government programs, policies, and program changes
  • Company newsletter specific to your program to keep you updated  

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