Actual Testimonials

Student Loan Advocates did a wonderful job with my loan.They were very patient with me. I was impressed with their knowledge, and worried less about my loan situation

S. Moua - Wisconsin Department of Health

My experience working with this group has been great. They’re kind and walk you through the process so that things get done correctly. Dave is great.

S. Mack - First Student, Inc.

I contacted David and explained my situation with my loan payments. David walked me through the steps on the computer to have a new loan set up with affordable payments. I am very happy and pleased with my current loan forgiveness program. If I have any questions or concerns I can reach him at anytime.

R. Russell - Columbia College

David is amazing, always on the ball. He even contacts me when there are better programs I might qualify for. They are saving me thousands!!!!

N. Barclay - Dade County Schools

David and Wendy at Student Loan Advocates were fantastic and very attentive.  They aided me through the process and helped me navigate the system.  I am very pleased with the results and would recommend utilizing their services to friends/family/colleagues who qualify.

J. Denney - Wake Forest School of Medicine

Student Loan Advocates has been a blessing to me and my family. David and his team were able to help me with both my federal  and my private loans, Before I was behind defaulted on my loans, but now I am able to afford my payments, and restore my credit score.If you need help with your student loans, this is the right place to find the help you have been looking for.

M. Rojas - Bellsouth Communications

It's been a pleasure working with David. He has been very patient with me and stood by me every step of the way, while helping me with my student loans. You've helped me when needed without any hesistation. I recommended you to anyone needed help with their student loans.

M. Perez - Miami Dade Public Schools

I have the pleasure of working with David and the Student Loan Advocates company.It was a hassle free process and I was able to start paying down my student loan debt with an affordable monthly payment. I highly recommend this company.  

Tiffany L. - Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Working with Dave Wenke has been nothing short of exceptional. He and Student Loan Advocates have changed my life for the better by helping me navigate towards being free of student loan debt.

M. LaMarca - Wisconsin Department of corrections

David and Student Loan Advocates saved me hundreds per month in payments and put me on track to qualify for loan forgiveness after 10 years of steady payments. They also helped me get my loan out of default and worked to get a payment I could afford, to prevent wage garnishment. He has a patient and supportive demeanor can work around your schedule.

F. Pace - US Department of Human Services

Working with Student Loan Advocates, specifically David Wenke, has been awesome. He helped with everything, even though I have been skeptical about the 10 years forgiveness and has always kept me on board. 

J. Dammen - Jackson Correctional Institution

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