Your loan forgiveness and default resolution specialists

We are Student Loan Advocates. We are committed to helping those who need clear, concise guidance to qualify for the most rewarding government program ever introduced, The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF)

40% of borrowers cannot afford their payments, and are unclear about their payment options. This leads to a record number of defaulted and delinquent loans, many which will be sold to collection agencies. These companies then add huge unreasonable fees, making it even more difficult to pay down the balance. Defaulted loans are eventually garnished, and taken from the borrowers paychecks and/or tax returns.

That’s where we come in. While the goal of the loan servicers is to collect as much money as possible ... our goal is to maximize your benefits, by saving you money, and assisting you with one of the most complicated application processes.

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